ThreeXThree Cards - Ronja - v1.0

Ronja has become a member of the card game ThreeXThree.

Ronja is the daughter of the famous bandit and pirat Mathis. It doesn't matter if you never ever heard something about them. What counts are their doings. They took from the rich and give it the poor. Unfortunately they stuck with their ship in the pool of their front garden and just sell overpriced drinks until now.
Ronja will replace card #41 "Lemuria" from current version 1.1 of the game.

Ronja is one of 20 characters I originally made for the game Ballfighter. I don't know if this game will be published ever because it has nothing to do with EastForge. So, I invited her to Three X Three.

Three X Three needs more cards with original images. Therefore we want to publish weekly at least one new picture in concept quality. In addition you learn more about the new planned cards.

Some statistics:
- 42 cards since game version 1.1
- 26 new characters created
- 17 of them to replace old cards
- 9 of them for complete new cards
- 51 cards total



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