LIFT - A Change In Careers TG - Teaser
This is it. I'm working on "A Change In Careers TG" based on A Change in Careers from Escafa.

First things first!
Sadly, I wasn't able to finish the next animation till the end of november. This is because I've even less time than ever before. But I still keep up the work. I want to finish it as fast as possible and so my next goal ist the first quarter of 2017.

I noticed, that most of you wished me to make "Ready To Serve" next. Well, while I asked for your suggestions, I allready made the decesion to animate "A Change in Careers" next. This happened basically because it's one of the shortest stories and I want to make some new quality enhancements. For the first animation I need extra time to do them, so one of the shortest stories is a pretty good start.

By the way, you can suggest any comic-like story you want to have animated. But, please don't ask for stories without image panels, because they're quite more complex to make. ^_~

Stay tuned!


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