Pokemongijinka: Magnemite - #81 Pokemon

As part of the Pokemongijinka Fanart Project I made this picture with Inkscape.

I got number 81, called Magnemite (Megnetilo in german). All artists had to draw a person, just looking like a Pokèmon. Drawing the Pokèmon itself was optional but the background was an obligation too.

The picture also had to be framed like a card. The border was given by the organisator. I decided to post the unframed version on DeviantArt. So, have fun with it! ^_~

By the way, I decided to made a vector graphics. So this picture is scaleable to any size without loosing any quality. It took me pretty much time to finish it, but it was worth it. And don't forget to check out the other amazing pictures on Facebook: Pokemongijinka Fanart Project

Sry for possible mistakes in the text, but english isn't my strongest skill.


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